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Micah’s Guide to Not Sucking at TV: Part 2 →  October 14, 2010

Part 2: How to Watch We’ve come a long way since the days of the VCR. I have many fond memories of sitting with the family watching a movie my dad had prerecorded for us only to find itcut off a good fifteen minutes early. Women cry, food gets thrown and then the dog would […]

Micah’s Guide to Not Sucking at TV: Part 1 →  October 7, 2010

Part 1: The Magic Box I love television. It has fascinated me as long as I can remember. My parents never allowed us to watch more than a few shows a week when I was a kid, so my siblings and I were very careful in our TV selections. Now, even without those parental restrictions, […]

You Suck At TV →  October 3, 2010

Growing up my family’s television got one and two half channels. By that I mean we got ABC on one channel and NBC & CBS on another. Together. If the weather was right NBC would get the upper hand and we could actually watch… whatever was on NBC back then. Most of my childhood TV […]

Car Buying →  March 22, 2010

My favorite part of shopping for a car at a dealership happens after you drive a car and tell the guy you like it. Then he invites you back inside the dealership and offers to “run the numbers.” This is like a piece of car-dealer vaudeville, a ritual so old and classic that the whole […]